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Subsea Projects Manager H/F

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Bourbon Subsea Services est la société BOURBON dédiée aux opérations sous-marines offshore.
De l'affrètement de navires aux projets clé en main, nos équipages offrent à nos clients une gamme complète de services pour les assister à toutes les étapes de la vie de leur champ pétrolier, depuis les phases de prospection et d'exploration, pendant la construction sous-marine et les opérations offshore, jusqu'au démantèlement.
Avec plus de 900 employés, notre flotte de 19 navires IMR et 35 ROV, Bourbon Subsea Services opère dans le monde entier pour trouver les meilleures solutions pour nos clients.  



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Subsea Projects Manager H/F



Rôles et responsabilités

Deliver project objectives and manage all aspects of the project in accordance with contractual obligations, undertaken safely

Manage asset portfolio in line with Subsea Operations Management process and strategy defined by SVP Subsea Services


Ensure the development of the HSE management systems are implemented and regurlaly reviewed throughout the life of the project. Demonstrate strong and visible commitment to BOURBON HSE values.

• Expected outcome: BOURBON QMS / OSM / SMS implementation

• KPIs: LTI / TRIR Risk and hazard identification assessment prior to project start up

Lead tenders for projects as required and provide technical knowledge and expertise.

Ensure projects are performed to client’s satisfaction in order that repeat business can be secured.

Monitor the submission of all project deliverables and react to ensure project progress is maintained in accordance with the schedule and with the appropriate manhour spend.

. Expected outcome: Optimised integrated services to client in adequacy with client operations by efficient coordination of all involved Bourbon departments onboard

• KPIs:  CFF Scores higher than 3,25 / 4. DSO.  
Represent BOURBON Subsea activities in clients meetings
Ensure lessons learnt session held and result reported as per Lesson Learnt Process

Direct update and approve as required the project execution plan and the project schedule

Manage contract transition and starting phases 

• Expected outcome: Vessel set up in adequacy with contract requirements. Smooth mobilisation and ontime delivery

• KPI: utilization rate
Prepare weekly and monthly project reports for management and Client ( as required by contract).

Prepare and approve monthly financial statements of project performance
Oversee Ship manager and/or BOURBON ROV Service Agreements

• Expected outcome : Vessel service in adequation with Shipmanager Service Agreement.

 Bourbon ROV in adequation with Bourbon ROV Service Agreement

• KPIs:  No non conformity. 
Ensure Project and Asset profitability 

• Expected outcome: Performance ratios in line with targets defined by Management

Control of the costs

Interaction with Commercial Department

• KPIs: EBIT & EBITDA/Revenues
Manage the client satisfaction chain team

•        Expected outcome: maintenance and development of skills and motivation

•        KPIs: Team Career Development, performance appraisals
Ensure management of change procedures are followed and is responsible for project risk management

•        Expected outcome: 

•        KPIs: 
Control and manage all subcontrators and suppliers 

•        Expected outcome : Project delivery in line with expected timeframe and Budget

•        KPIs: Timely delivery of project




Core Competences (As per related Function Requirement + additional ones if necessary).
Leadership, Rigorous,Team player.

EPCI expertise

Contractual mindset
Project Management, Finance, Risk Management

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

Europe, France, Marseille Vacon

Critères candidat

Niveau d'études min. requis

4. Niveau Bac + 4/5

Niveau d'expérience min. requis

Supérieur à 10 ans


  • English (Professional ++++)
  • French (Professional ++++)