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Chief Engineer -TUG M/F

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A market leader in offshore marine services, BOURBON offers the most demanding offshore energy operators a broad range of surface and subsea marine services for oil & gas fields and wind farms. These services rely on a modern & standardized fleet of 458 vessels and on the skills of more than 8,200 highly qualified professionals. Constantly striving for operational excellence, the group provides a local service for customers in the 44 countries in which it operates, guaranteeing the very highest standards of quality and safety. In 2019, BOURBON achieved adjusted revenues of over €720 million.  



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Chief Engineer -TUG M/F

Roles and responsibilities

The Chief Engineer is directly responsible and accountable to the Master for the supervision and management of all technical and related departments on-board.

Technical Competence:

  • Shall provide reliable operation of the vessel’s engines, machinery and all other mechanical equipment.
  • Has whatever authority the Master delegates upon him/her with regard to the Technical Departments on-board and the crew members assigned to work therein.
  • Shall support the Master by carrying out any legal orders and/or instructions issued by the Master when such orders and/or instructions are sound and within the accepted practices of good seamanship.
  • Must always inform the Master whenever he believes that an operation may place any of the vessel’s machinery or other equipment at risk of damage.
  • Is not authorized to refuse a machinery operation order after the Master has been adequately informed of the associated risks.
  • May supervise or delegate responsible supervision to another engineering officer for any ‘hot work’ performed on-board.
  • Shall ensure that Company policy and procedure is rigorously maintained with all technical and engineering related job and task planning, with special emphasis on the correct use and application of PPE, safety equipment, Risk Assessment, JSA use, Checklists, Pre-task “tool box talks” and all other safety precautions relating to job and task performance.
  • Shall plan and supervise technical and engineering related operations including the corrective and preventive maintenance and inspection of the vessel’s equipment, machinery and associated plants in accordance with all safe working practices and with regard to the Master’s orders.
  • Shall comply with all statutory regulations and classification guidelines applicable to vessel machinery and related spaces.
  • Shall analyze and report any technical problems, making recommendations and assisting as applicable with any corrective maintenance, temporary and permanent repairs.

Operational Competence:

  • Shall maintain discipline, reviewing the performance and providing written evaluation of officers and ratings assigned to work in the technical/engineering department, including those reports that may be required for disciplinary reasons.
  • Shall directly supervise or responsibly delegate all required training and familiarization of engine room personnel, particularly when such personnel are new to the vessel.

Qualifications, Skills and Experiences


  • Ancho handling/towing/rig move (Minimum 5 ops)
  • Minimum 5 rig move
  • Experience in tanker lifting/berthing.
  • Must possess STCW CHIEF Engineer III/2 license.
  • Must hold DP Maintenance Certificate.
  • Bulk transfer (cement, mud).
  • Winch operator.
  • Basic electrical troubleshooting.
  • Must be meet all Manilla 2010 STCW certificate requirements.
  • Must be able to use Microsoft applications.
  • International experience will be an added advantage.

Position localisation

Job location

Africa, Nigeria, Onne base

Candidate criteria

Licenses (seafearers only)

Chief Engineer Unlimited (A-III/2)