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BMO Manning Manager M/F

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General information


For more than 30 years, Bourbon Mobility delivers to its passengers a high-speed and light cargo transport services for offshore Oil & Gas clients, both short or long distance. Industry leaders including the major oil & gas companies - BP, Shell, Chevron, Total, ENI, Exxon, etc. - use our services in many regions, all over the world.

With over 3 million people transported each year, Bourbon Mobility has established itself as a world leader in the petroleum industry by offering its clients a safe, economical and reliable alternative to helicopters. With a unique transportation capacity of about 6,500 seats, the company offers passenger services based on a genuine commitment to safety, operational excellence and client satisfaction including support functions as emergency, fire-fighting and evacuation capacity.

To deliver the most performing transport to our passengers, we operate with a fleet of Interfield Surfers, Crew liners and FSIV.  



Job type (offshore/onshore)


Position description

Job title

BMO Manning Manager M/F

Contract type

Permanent Contract

Roles and responsibilities

Mission : Recruit, develop and assign seafarers to offshore or onshore positions within BMO


Responsibilities :

with the help of a manning team and an insourced payroll service,

  1. Recruit externally and internally
  2. Establish and improve salary grids and contracts
  3. Control and maintain seafarers certifications

  4. Develop seafarers through assessments, trainings and career path

  5. Establish and follow-up manning contracts with internal clients

  6. Manage the pool dimension and evolution (e.g. number of seafarers, age pyramid)

  7. Manage the manning activity P&L


Qualifications, Skills and Experiences

Qualifications :

Master degree in engineering, business or maritime.


Skills :

- Marine standards

- Crewing

- Budget management

- team management


Expériences :

10 years of which 3 years as manning/ crewing coordinator



Position localisation

Job location

Europe, France, Marseille Vacon

Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

4 - Master's degree (4-5 years)

Minimum level of experience required

Over 10 years


  • English (4 - Professional ++++)
  • French (4 - Professional ++++)